Wearable Intelligence System


The Wearable Intelligence System is a wearable computing software framework for intelligence augmentation research and applications. Easily build smart glasses apps, relying on built in voice command, speech recognition, computer vision, UI, sensors, smart phone connection, NLP, facial recognition, database, cloud connection, and more.


There’s also a suite of built-in apps, current functionalities include:

  • conversational intelligence enhancement
    • improve understanding and retention in conversations, meetings, lectures, etc. with live closed captions overlaid on your vision at all times
    • live translation – over 100 languages supported
    • live wikipedia search
  • social/emotional intelligence amplification system
    • improve emotional intelligence with affective computing running on your point-of-view, giving live insights into non-verbal communication
  • point-of-view (POV) reverse image search (visual search)
    • define anything that you see
  • memory expansion tools
    • remember every name, idea, and conversation
  • voice control with command and natural language interface